Here are 5 Tips of Solo Traveling for Female

Traveling with family or travel buddies can be a memorable life experience. But, it is also true that going on a vacation alone can be challenging. Step out of your comfort zone because solo travel will bring you a sense of confidence and independence. So everyone should try at least once in life. Yet some people think it is only men who can afford traveling alone. Little did we know that solo female travel has been a trend recently. Women can wander alone from one place to another and enjoying themselves. But note that it can be risky for you who has not tried solo traveling before. No worries, here are our tips for solo female traveling.

Do a research

Before you prepare all the necessary things for your trips, it is better to do a research about the places you’re planning to visit. You have to know where you will go, find out what you need to bring, which places and activity you should avoid, or which internet provider you will use. Most importantly, you need to know the local customs and tradition of the destination you will visit, so you can prepare yourself accordingly. These tips are valid for both men and women travelers.

Tell your trusted person

It is very important to tell your closest person about all the things you do during your vacation. It can be a friend, family member, or your colleagues. Always keep in touch and keep them informed about the details, such as the accommodation, itinerary, also all the spots you plan to visit. In addition, you can share the contact of the front desk in your hotel for emergency purpose. Staying in touch will make you feel safe, because if you find yourself in trouble your closest ones will also notice.

Choose your destination

If those things above are clear, it is the time to choose your destination. Finding a right destination is the key of planning a trip succesfully. Check out all the destination in detail, particularly the best time to visit to get the best experience. For instances, each country has annual events between January to December, so choose one or more event that attract you the most. Most importantly, safety is the prime concern of your journey, especially for female traveler.

Prepare the accommodation in advance

If you’re planning to do a solo traveling, you need to prepare the accommodation in advance. Make sure you have already booked your tickets for your flight, train, or bus. Since flight and train tickets are object to availabilty and will cost more money during peak season. Moreover, you need to book a hotel room for your stay. This way, you don’t have to worry about the place you will stay at.

Packing time!

For the clothes, you can choose your best outfit based on the destination and the season. Pack only important things that you will need during your trip. Things like sunscreen, glasses, and body lotion can prevent your skin from UV radiation. Documents like passport, visa, and your personal identity card are the most important things you should bring beside your travel essentials. You should also list down local emergency contact on your phone. Your holiday should be safe and enjoyable. If you are a solo traveler, it’s highly recommended not to wear any jewelry to avoid meeting unwanted condition. In addition, make sure you have an internet connection to access Google Maps. Besides, you can also bring your camera to capture every moment you get during your trip.