Here are 5 Tips on Finding the Best and Cheapest Food While You Travel


Traveling is such a fun way to resfresh our mind from a busy life. We can find new experience and knowledge such as new cultures, history, culinary, and many more. Trying local food from diferent places can be the best way to satisfy your hunger. In Asia, street food is very common. There are many street food that sell local food and drink in a street or other public places. But, you have to be careful in deciding which food you want to taste. It’s also better if you do a research in advance to find out which food tastes the best and how much it costs. To get a memorable culinary tour while traveling abroad, here are some tips for you to find the best and cheapest food.

Don’t rush, take your time to observe

First, you can visit all of the stalls and then decide which one you want to buy. You can also ask about the ingredient of the food or ask whether it tastes sweet, sour, or spicy. Don’t forget about your dietary restriction, make sure you don’t eat food that you need to avoid. Especially if you are allergic to specific ingredient, this tips can help you to prevent any unwanted situation.

Choose the stall with long queue line


It’s recommended to follow where local people line up because they know better about the quality of the food. If the food doesn’t taste good, local people will not bother to queue. In the contrary, if the food tastes good there will be a long queue line of the customer. Moreover, it can be guaranteed that the food has fresh ingredients because the seller will continuously restock the ingredients.

Observe when the food is cooked

To get the best experience while hunting food, you must do observation as simple as observing if the seller is handling money and food with their bare hands? Do they sneez or cough when cooking the food? Is the the stall dirty or hygienic? You need to be careful and don’t get too rush in deciding the food you want to buy. Make sure your food is delicious and good for your own health.

Manage your expense

Make sure that you pay according to the price written on the menu so that you don’t overspend your budget on food. Street food is supposed to be cheap. This way, you can manage your expense instead of spending too much only for the food.