Here is a Guide for a More Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel should be the only way we travel as a person responsible for our environment. Travel shows us the stunning natural wonders and brings us closer to different cultures around the world, so there’s no way we can neglect our duty in protecting our environment to thanks the Mother Nature and to appreciate the uniqueness and greatness of humanity.

Go-green movement or any endeavor regarding sustainability is not a mere day-to-day practice of reducing plastic uses and wastes and being a vegan. As a responsible traveler we have to carry out more sustainable acts during our trips as well.

So here we’ll show you some simple ways which lead to a sustainable travel.

Sustainable Transportation

Try to stay away from going by the airplanes and choose to travel overland instead. The “flight shame” movement has been rising nowadays. This movement stems from the infamous environment activist, Greta Thunberg. Water and land transportation creates less polluting carbon food print rather than flying. If you can’t try to find airline that practice sustainable business plan to offset your own carbon footprint when flying.

If going overland is possible, just go by train or go on carpooling. Once you’re arrived at the destination, go wander around the town by foot or by a bicycle; these are some healthy methods which contribute to the lessening of pollution.

It will also be exciting if you find some traditional transportations such as horse-drawn carriages and cycle rickshaws: they left no carbon footprint and you can support the local economy at your destination.

Sustainable Stay

In choosing accommodation, make sure to go for the ones owned by the locals such as guesthouse or small hotels. You can find easily everywhere at the place you’re currently in. Beside, you can get an authentic experience of living like a local when staying at accomodation like this.

If you can, another amazing alternative option available is to camp with your group. This is especially a perfect choice for you who love the outdoors.

Sustainable Tours

Now, go explore the world around you responsibly! Find alternatives to plastics use and don’t litter. You can also volunteer during your stay in a country and contribute to the environment for good; get involved in some of the local community programs related to environmental sustainability, such as collecting wastes in public places and planting trees.

Also, when you decide to go on a wildlife tour, make sure the tour you will participate in is sustainably responsible. You can always notice right away when the tour is not of such a kind when it promises up-close encounters with animals, such as touching, cuddling, and taking selfies with them. Such a tour is unethical and it brings some discomfort and stress to the animals you’re interacting with.

Sustainable Eating


Sustainable eating is also something you have to practice in your travel. Not only eating vegan food, sustainable eating also includes eating native food and eating at the local restaurants. Try some exotic delicacies you have never encountered before in a locally-owned restaurant; it will not only count as a sustainable travel, but also gives you and your taste buds novel amazing experience! You may also pay attention to the ingredients used in your meals, check whether they are bought from local farmers or not to support the local economy.

Sustainable Shopping

If you’re traveling abroad, you must try to go shopping at the local shops and markets with various kinds of goods native to that place! It’s also especially essential to buy local crafts or any goods which are locally-made to that place. Traditional crafts are usually made from bamboo, wood, and other natural materials. They are also cheap too!