How to Traveling from Delhi to Agra by Train, Bus, and Cars and Truck

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On the banks of the Yamuna River and 130 miles south of New Delhi sits Agra, a city recognized for its architectural wonders and Mughal background. It’s one of the quits on India’s visitor circuit called the “Golden Triangle,” and the neighboring cities Delhi and Jaipur. Also, while it has a variety of unbelievable sites worth seeing, many visitors are right here for one reason: the Taj Mahal. This famous mausoleum is recognized worldwide and has been regarded among the Seven New Wonders of the World, also called “the jewel of Muslim art in India” by UNESCO.

Transportation around India may appear challenging, yet an excellent rail service with a reserved ticketing system simplifies it. The train is fast sufficient that if you plan out your roundtrip ticket, you can check out Agra for a day and be back in New Delhi by the evening. Buses are the cheapest choice, yet the journey takes significantly longer, and the price distinction is marginal. Travelers trying to find one of the most convenient options can employ a private auto or taxi that can take anywhere from three to 5 hours depending upon traffic.

How to Receive from Delhi to Agra

  1. Train: 2 hrs, from $5
  2. Bus: 4 hrs, from $5
  3. Vehicle: 3 hrs, 132 miles (213 kilometers)

By Train

The most popular method of receiving from Delhi to Agra is by train. It’s possible to see the Taj Mahal in a day from Delhi if you capture the right trains, the fastest one gets you from city to city in two hrs. The primary train terminal in Delhi is New Delhi Railway Terminal (N.D.L.S.), near Paharganj. However, some trains to Agra also leave Delhi from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Terminal (N.Z.M.), which is about 20 minutes south of N.D.L.S. The primary train terminal in Agra is Agra Cantonment (A.G.C.), which is about a 20-minute drive from the Taj Mahal.

Upon exiting the train terminal, use one of the pre-paid taxi or rickshaw cubicles to pay a set rate for the journey.

While the training flight itself fits as well as fast, the procedure of acquiring your train tickets isn’t always so straightforward. You can get tickets on the leading website for Indian Trains. However, it calls for enrolling in an account as well as paying a little registration cost. Other traveling sites are much more user-friendly, such as,, as well as But do not always reveal all readily available trains, and also they charge a compensation cost.

Tickets can additionally be bought face to face at the International Vacationer Bureau at the New Delhi Train Station. It lies upstairs in the main building (Paharganj side) and is open 24 hr. Do not think any individual who informs you that it has moved or is closed since trying to scam you.

If you are currently in Delhi and also need tickets, seeing the International Visitor Bureau might be the most basic method for making your train booking. Nonetheless, Indian Railways brings numerous travelers daily, and trains typically schedule up, so obtain your tickets beforehand, preferably.

There are several options for trains throughout the day from Delhi to Agra. Still, some of the most popular ones for Taj Mahal visitors are:

The fastest morning train from Delhi to Agra is the non-stop 12050 Gatimaan Express. It takes a trip at a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour and brings about 100 minutes to get to Agra. The train leaves Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station at 8:10 am and shows up in Agra at 9:50 am. The 1AC executive course (first class, seated, air-conditioned) is 1,495 rupees, or about $20. In contrast, CC (chair car, established, cool) costs 750– 1,000 rupees, or $10–$ 14, with the fare based upon dynamic prices according to demand.

The train runs day-to-day other than Friday (when the Taj Mahal is shut). There is onboard food catering, with both Indian and also Continental food served. Its sanitation, food, as well as ticket schedule are all excellent. And again, it’s a punctual train with marginal hold-ups.

The most effective option is the 12002 New Delhi Habibganj Shatabdi Express if you want to get an early start. This train has one stop. It departs New Delhi Train Station at 6 am as well as reaches Agra at 7:57 am. The train runs daily. Its ticket availability and preparation are exceptional, and also cleanliness is excellent.

The 12280 Taj Express Superfast from New Delhi Railway Station to Agra is also famous (as well as stops at Hazrat Nizamuddin Train Station, too); however, the trip takes almost three hours. It departs at 6:45 am and also arrives in Agra at 9:32 am. The train has four stops and runs daily. It has superb ticket availability. Preparation and tidiness are excellent, yet there’s no kitchen or onboard dining establishment.

Alternatively, try the 22416 Andhra Pradesh Air Conditioner Super Rapid Express if you’d favor sleeper holiday accommodations. This train departs from New Delhi Train Station at 6:25 am and gets to Agra at 9:10 am. It’s fully relaxed, runs daily, and also doesn’t have any type of stops. Nonetheless, delays are sometimes an issue.

By Bus

Suppose you’re searching for the most affordable method to receive from Delhi to Agra. In that case, the bus is your most excellent option. The firm RedBus shows you itineraries for all of the different bus firms and lets you acquire tickets straight from their site. Criterion buses can be jammed, overheated, and stop at numerous cities along the course, so try to find coaches who claim “Deluxe,” or explicitly checklist air-conditioning as a consisted of amenity.

Even though the bus is the most inexpensive choice, the price distinction between the coach and train is marginal. The rate and convenience of the train are worth paying a few bucks much more. Nonetheless, if you require final tickets and also the passengers are entirely booked, after that, the bus is a reliable back-up alternative.

Cars and Trucks

Driving your car from Delhi to Agra is just for those with ample experience going in India. If you aren’t acquainted with India’s driving laws– or chauffeurs’ tendencies to overlook those legislations– after that driving your very own automobile is one of the most stressful and unsafe choices for traveling. Nevertheless, if the train or bus is excessive, employing a private vehicle or taxi is the most comfortable option for getting to the Taj Mahal. Rates start at about $40 for a one-way journey in a car and obtain more costly for bigger lorries.

The drive usually takes around three hrs, yet traffic around Delhi is notoriously stressful, and the real journey might be much longer. The best method for discovering a vehicle is to ask at your hotel or accommodations. The driver will not only select you up directly from the resort but also prepare all of the travel information, so you do not need to worry.

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What to See in Agra:

The main attraction in Agra is, without a doubt, the Taj Mahal. Many visitors go from the train terminal to the Taj Mahal and then straight back to the train, without seeing any of the other archaeological sites that Agra has to provide. If you have the time, do not miss out on the various other UNESCO World Heritage websites likewise situated nearby.

The Agra Ft is a walled city that was residence to the Mughal emperors of the 17th century when Agra was still the resource of their vast realm. The town of Fatehpur Sikri is just outside of Agra. It provides the very same majesty as the Taj Mahal yet with a portion of the tourists. Keep reading to understand even more regarding the top places to visit around Agra.

When to Visit:

Like several parts of North India, the best time of year to go to Agra is between October and February, preventing the scorching warmth of summer and the downpour rainfalls. Despite the moment of the year, make sure your trip to Agra does not fall on a Friday when the Taj Mahal is closed for spiritual reasons.

A Word of Caution: Dangers and Aggravations.

When getting to Agra station, be prepared to be confronted by beggars and promoters. Proclaims operate in sophisticated gangs with counterparts in various other cities that recognize potential targets at railway terminals. At Agra, the supporters frequently claim to be overviews or cabbies and also utilize tactics such as free taxi trips or the guarantee of substantial discounts. There are 24-hour official pre-paid auto-rickshaw and taxi booths just outside the Agra railway terminal; always use these to avoid any kind of future issues with a would-be scammer.

Delhi to Agra Easy & Cheap: Exactly How to Make an Excursion to the Taj Mahal from Delhi.

No journey to India is full without a stop at the legendary Taj Mahal in Agra. While Agra does have some popular sites to see, many people intend to pop in for a day and see the Taj Mahal as well as the Agra Fort after that move on. It’s easy to understand as well as I’m here to aid you in making those plans. When I went from Delhi to Agra on a day journey to the Taj Mahal from Delhi, I took a local bus.

Also, I occurred to have Dengue Fever at the time– so it had not been delightful. I have been going through emails, and seeing what is asked one of the most, as well as exactly how to get to the Taj Mahal from Delhi, is asked a minimum of 10x a week. Hence, it’s about time I offered you some options.

Agra has to do with 4 hrs from Delhi and maybe only 3.5 if you enter the center of the evening to reach there by sunrise. It’s a short distance, and it is more than feasible to go there for an “outing” if that’s what you choose.

Exactly how to Make an Outing to the Taj Mahal from Delhi.

The first option I’m going to talk about is to add Agra right into your travel plan and go there by mass transit from Delhi then proceed to Agra’s following place. The trouble with this is that going onward from Agra often implies going back to Delhi as it’s a large center to capture long trains and buses. Because of this, passing through Agra isn’t always an excellent option; however, you ought to see if it helps you.

Public transportation is easy as well as numerous buses go from Delhi to Agra throughout the day. If you intend to arrive for daybreak, you need to leave by 330 in the morning. Women taking a trip solo could not be okay with that, so in that case, I advise not taking a regional bus yet instead a “vacationer bus.” Here’s some information concerning booking buses in India. Keep in mind during some times of the year, there is too much haze to drive on the highway that early in the morning, and scenic tours will not run.

If you’re a lot more thinking about taking a “tourist bus,” this would certainly indicate booking it online at or if you can obtain your worldwide card to work. You can also simply stand out right into any type of vacationer firm (you’ll see them all over) or ask your hotel to publication this for you. Costs for a local bus could be as cheap as 50 rupees, while a tourist bus may cost you 400 rupees.

Proceeding to more options, you might prefer a private A/C car ride there. These can be set up with your hotel or a firm when you reach there. They will certainly charge you commissions on this, which could be relatively high. If you would instead book this ahead of time with a trusted firm after that, I advise either of these two alternatives:

Obtain Your Guide $80. This trip started at $17 as well as has increased in price as it ended up being so popular, which is a little depressing, yet a minimum of you know it’s okay. Three hundred twenty-one people have given this “scenic tour” a 4.8/ 5-star ranking. They will pick you up from your resort in Delhi and obtain you to the Taj Mahal by sunrise. After that, take you back to Delhi. The excursion pass allows you to avoid the line at the Taj Mahal, and you additionally get required to Agra Ft as well as Mumtaz Mahal.

The cost does not consist of entry tickets; however, a guide will choose you with the attractions. This converts to 1000 rupees, which is a much better bargain than you can discover anywhere. This rate will undoubtedly fluctuate as the peak vacationer season fluctuates—Book dawn Taj Mahal trip from Delhi.

Viator $80. This is a much better offer. Ninety-six individuals have offered it a 5-star evaluation. With this option, the entrances to the Agra Ft and also Taj Mahal are both included along with breakfast. I assume the entry to both would certainly cost around $20, so it conserves you that money. Lunch doesn’t consist of, and they take you to a 5-star resort buffet– to make sure that’s a little as much as you if you want to spend for lunch like that or if it’s just you and your friends on the trip, you can say no thank you to stopping at the resort. Costs likewise rise if you are just a single person. You can book it right here.

Viator Purchasing Excursion $25. This is a kind of strange one but may benefit some people. You most likely to Agra from Delhi and see the Taj Mahal from the outside for dawn, don’t enter, and after that, make a one-of-a-kind purchasing trip. Like the others, it’s a return journey back to Delhi. Yet, you could simply stay in Agra and afterward the following day, most likely to the Taj Mahal and also go inside. The cost is so inexpensive that it’s sort of like paying for a trip there and getting a cost-free purchasing trip before you explore Agra on your own. You can learn more and also publish it right here.

Somebody will certainly be most likely to the Taj with you so they can take your photo in front of it and help keep individuals from swarming you for selfies. It’s so economical as well as scheduling it in advance would simply take off the tension of finding your ride or arranging public transport, rickshaws to the bus terminal, and all the rest of it!

So, that’s it– the options for a day trip to the Taj Mahal from Delhi and finishing back in Delhi. I hope this will certainly aid you with your India plans.

Exactly how to Traveling from Delhi to Agra:

Delhi and Agra comprise two of the three factors in India’s Golden Triangle, so traveling between the two cities prevails. Particularly since Agra homes India’s most extraordinary claim to fame, the Taj Mahal. There are multiple transportation alternatives to receive from Delhi to Agra. If you remain in one city, you should certainly make an effort to discover the other. The important things to do in each place vary substantially, and also they are comfortably located near one another.

If you’re preparing a trip to Delhi, ensure you read this write-up on how to take a trip to Agra and also take the time to experience two of India’s a lot of fascinating cities.

Ways to Arrive.

Although the two cities are approximately 230 kilometers apart, the accessibility of several options for getting from Delhi to Agra makes the journey simpler to prepare. Your transport mode will undoubtedly rely on your budget plan, wish of convenience level, and timetable. Take a look at the four travel options below through train, bus, vehicle, or flight:

1. Delhi to Agra by train

There are a lot of trains that go from Delhi to Agra. They run on a day-to-day basis, but the duration of the journey varies a fair bit. It can take anywhere from nearly 6 hours to less than 2 hrs. However, one of the most popular courses commonly takes between 2 to 3 hrs. The distinction in duration is primarily because of the train’s speed and the number of stops.

Pro suggestions:

  • There are two train stations in Delhi with trains to Agra. The major one is New Delhi Railway Stations (N.D.L.S.), as well as is roughly 1 hour from Delhi’s primary noncombatant airport terminal, Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal (DEL/VIDP). The various other ones, Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station (N.Z.M.), are more convenient for those remaining in the city’s southerly area. It’s a little over 1 hour from Indira Gandhi.
  • The trains that originate in Delhi and most likely to Agra are Bhopal Shatabdi, Karnataka Express, Kerala Express, and Gatimaan Express. The last is the fastest train to Agra (brand-new in 2016), getting here in 1 hr as well as 40 minutes. There are numerous other trains that pass-through Delhi on their method to Agra as well.
  • The price for trains differs on firm, duration, as well as seat course. The least expensive seats start at USD 5– 10. Extraordinary places are between USD 15– 20 *.
  • Agra Cantt (A.G.C.) is the primary arrival station in Agra.
  • There is a selection of arranged trains between these two train stations. The first train leaves from Delhi at 12:10 am. Also, the last train leaves at 11:55 pm, guaranteeing you can obtain from Delhi to Agra at any moment throughout the day or night.

2. Delhi to Agra by bus.

The bus is too commonly made use of modes of transport in India. There are over a hundred drivers using the Delhi to Agra by bus route. On average, the period is around 3– 4 hours. A range of seats from the most basic to one of the comfiest is readily available.

Pro tips:

  • The earliest bus leaves at 6:00 am, and the current leaves at 10:40 pm.

There are several alternatives for boarding factors in Delhi. It depends on the bus firm and also the path is taken. A few of the most popular stations are Sarai Kale Khan, Kashmiri Gate City, Akshardham, and Mahamaya. Various other examples of boarding factors are bus ticket shops, shopping centers, and phoned number bus sanctuaries. Make sure to take first notice regarding where you are to board the bus when you acquire your ticket.

  • There have to be six going down points in Agra. Several of the most prominent ones include Agra I.S.B.T., Agra, M.G. Road, and Kuberpur Sunny Dhaba Agra.
  • A/C and sleeper seats are offered. Costs for places differ extensively based on the driver as well as the position. The standard for the cheapest place is around USD 4. The most expensive homes are around USD 15– 20.

3. Delhi to Agra by Car/Taxi:

The trip from Delhi to Agra by automobile can be a fun alternative to public transportation. Keep in mind that when you rent a car in India, a motorist is included much of the moment. If that’s not part of the deal, you could wish to take into consideration hiring one. Having a regional vehicle driver can be truly useful when navigating the roadways and driving etiquette in India.

Pro suggestions:

  • Delhi’s vehicle leasings begin at around USD 30 for a one-way journey to Agra with a driver, plus USD 0.14 * per kilometer. This includes the cost of tolls as well as state tax obligations.
  • Working with a taxi from Delhi to Agra costs around USD 32 for the most fundamental auto and about USD 45 * for a luxury S.U.V.

4. Delhi to Agra by Flight.

Remarkably, flying to Agra from New Delhi is not much more than renting out a vehicle or hiring a taxi. Generally, expect to pay in between USD 30– 50 * for a one-way trip. There are numerous daily flights from Delhi to Agra; however, be sure to thoroughly check the flight period. Some have multiple quits and can use up to 23 hrs to complete due to long stopovers.

Pro pointers:

  • Trips leave from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport and get here to Agra’s Kheria Airport terminal.
  • Air India is the most prominent airline supplying flights from Delhi to Agra.

Flights with one stopover generally take about 3 hours throughout. Do not fail to remember to factor when it requires reaching and also from the airports. While flying might appear less complicated, in the long run, it could not be much quicker or more convenient than taking a train or driving!

Delhi to Agra Tours:

While all the above methods are entirely practical, nothing is more straightforward and much more trouble-free than a led tour from Delhi to Agra. Multi Day or single-day excursions allow you to relax, relax, and let somebody else fret about the trip-planning. A skilled tour specialist will undoubtedly ensure you see everything you have set out to see and can likewise use your expert’s info to India’s most renowned websites that you might have otherwise missed. Check out some of our favored Delhi to Agra day scenic tours listed below:

This 3-day trip begins as well as finishes in Delhi as well as takes little groups of tourists to popular websites in Agra like the Taj Mahal, Red Ft, as well as the deserted city of Fatehpur Sikri before going back to Delhi to sample the regional food and shop the famous markets.

This Delhi to Agra eventually exclusive scenic tour leaves from Delhi early in the early morning. It arrives in Agra with adequate time for a scenic tour of the Taj Mahal and Agra Ft before heading back to Delhi the same day. Perfect for those brief on schedule, however, intend to see the most!

Another eventually trip personal excursion that checks out the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort with the choice to leave either the early morning or mid-day.

Choices to obtain from Delhi to Agra vary from automobile transportation, flights, trains, or exclusive tours. The very best option for you will undoubtedly rely on your timetable and comfort choices. Regardless of the mode of transportation, you select Delhi and Agra, make sure to delight, and motivate with excellent food, heated markets, and world-famous sites.