Make Use of Your Vacation to Boost Your Creativity with These Tips

Going on a journey brings a lot of impacts for yourself: you get some refreshments, you can finally enjoy that mouth-watering dish you’ve always wished for, and at last, you can go to that amazing destination you’ve always dreamed of—all these things lead to your overall satisfaction and happiness in your life. This is because traveling lessens your stress from the mundane routines.

What’s even more interesting is that taking a trip helps you reinvent yourself: you finally got a brand new skill, idea, and perspective which you can make use of in your life. Moreover, according to Adam Galinsky, a professor at Columbia Business School, it turns out that going to new places and immersing yourself in their local cultures and environment can enhance your cognitive flexibility which leads to the improvement of creativity.

Now, are you ready to be the creator of many new ideas just from going on a journey? Here are some tips which you can do to improve your aspect of creativity.

Bring Along a Sketchbook

Bringing a sketchbook is especially a good thing if you are keen on drawing! Pay attention to your surroundings and start doodling stuff. The new environment surrounding you can be such a good reference which help you improve your drawing skill. Break out of your comfort zone and start drawing something you normally wouldn’t and feel overflowed with new abilities in the drawing! You can also take it from the spiritual aspect and express your emotions through your drawing in that particular place you are currently in—I promise you that’d feel good.

Keep a Journal

Going to foreign places means you can always hunt for information about anything indigenous to that place. Find out something about the place you are visiting that makes you tick and list them in a journal book. The place got a lot of delicious food? Then record them in your book. There are many traditional dances in that country you’re currently visiting? List the exotic names in the book through the chic lettering you’ve always made. They make such a perfect album comprising notes related to the places you have ever visited which you will find useful and nostalgic later!

Bring your Writing Drafts

Do you like writing? Or, are you perhaps an aspiring writer whose mind always wonders around finding ideas and inspirations? Then traveling will help you with your inspiration hunt! Observe the environment surrounding you and jot down the ideas you’ve got in your notebook. This also applies to an active writer who got stuck at their writing and needs a refreshment due to the daunting tight deadlines. Not only you can enjoy the destination you’re visiting, traveling in a foreign place offers you an insight for the continuation of your work. You just need to go to one of the local cafés and sit there and write. Or, you can explore different local destinations available while letting your imaginations run wild.

Discuss Your Works

Everyone loves it when somebody else enjoys his work of art. Show your drawing or writing to the other travelers you come across or to those local people who take an interest in talking with you and get feedback from them! They will gladly tell their opinions about your current project and even give you new ideas you’ve never thought before! Sharing and discussing things during travel sure is a precious moment you must not miss!

Take an Art Class

Look up some local community art classes that you find interesting and take them. Don’t spend your time just to enjoy a ride in the local amusement park and take pictures; it’d be much more exciting to learn new things from the country you’re in. Aside from gaining new knowledge and skill, immersing yourself in such an artistic process can definitely boost your creativity!