Sakura Aquarium Directed by Naked

Image by Janexus
Image by  Takayuki Higuchi


Place: Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

Tokyo, Minato, Takanawa 4 − 10-30.

NAKED SAKURA AQUARIUM: Cherry Blossoms and the Sea Come Together at Tokyo’s Maxell Aqua Park.

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa has revealed the holding of a brand-new exhibit entitled “NAKED SAKURA AQUARIUM,” which will perform at the Tokyo-based fish tank from 1st March 2020 to 19th April 2020.

SAKURA AQUARIUM by NAKED is a unique occasion kept in the Maxell Aqua Park in Shinagawa. Forecasts of Japanese cherry blossoms float through the fish tank and all the screens and programs are dipped in pinks and blues to invite spring.

Maxell Aqua Park in Shinagawa is a unique fish tank that teams up with the accessible, innovative business NAKED. NAKED is famous for its 3D forecast mapping and illuminations all over Japan.

Maxell Aqua Park alters the styles of their forecasts according to the season. In spring, they hold their trendy sakura lighting occasion. When you touch them, the illuminations at the entryway are interactive and will alter or move.

For the brand-new Sakura style, a penguin program will be held at the entryway four times a day. Sakura patterns will move and appear beneath their feet any place they waddle as they reveal their abilities in a challenge course.

Among their daily highlights is the dolphin program will likewise appear in the colors and the style of the lighting. They have five daytime programs and two nighttime programs.

The programs vary from each other. The daytime program is brighter while the nighttime program has a more dimmed, romantic environment.

The entire fish tank will remain in spring mode with cherry blooms and pink and blue illuminations drifting around you as you stroll the halls and find fantastic sea animals. The Jellyfish Room is among the most peaceful locations in the fish tank. Muffle among the benches and see the jellyfish drifting in total darkness just brightened by pink and blue lights.

Maxell Aqua Park likewise uses a bar with a coordinating environment, beverages, and light treats.

Delight in a frozen pink beer or Sakura gleaming sake while unwinding at the bar on walking through the fish tank.

Providing “advanced Tokyo home entertainment,” the exhibit is integrated music, lighting, and visuals with living beings. Go into a spring-like world never previously as cherry blooms and the ocean come together through digital art.

The entryway to the fish tank will remain in maturity with cherry blooms. The water tanks in the center will be completely pink and home madai snapper, a kind of fish likewise nicknamed “sakura-dai” around this season.

This location will resemble an atrium, with water tanks and displays lined up perfectly beside each other and embellished with cherry bloom art flowers. The water tanks, which evoke the image of a “banquet,” will house sakura-dai, sea goldie, and other fishes.

In the immersive Patterns location, you can see the “possibilities” of the four seasons as digital artwork to integrate a seasonal landscape with the sea animals on the display screen.

In the Dancing, Cherry Blossom Garden will be Cape penguins who will put on an efficiency utilizing their physical capabilities. The energy, which is divided into two parts, will use forecast mapping. The very first part will see the flower of yaezakura cherry trees. In contrast, the 2nd part will have jacaranda, likewise called the “purple cherry bloom,” an herb that flowers in South Africa where Cape penguins stem.

The daytime dolphin efficiency sees visitors collecting in the amphitheater. This interactive efficiency is motivated by spring banquets and Hanami flower-viewing. Take pleasure in seeing the dolphins dance high-speed to the rhythm of Japanese rock music.

The nighttime dolphin efficiency utilizes the water, lighting, visuals, and music to commemorate cherry blooms at night. Delight in a more fragile, however productive ability from the dolphins, and see the flowers in all their appeal.

The ceiling and walls of the roomy Jewellery Fish Rumble location all have reflective mirror surface areas. Many pink and blue illuminations illuminate this night cherry blossom-themed location, where you can take pleasure in a digital Hanami experience together with the jellyfish.

The NAKED SAKURA AQUARIUM coffee shop and bar is decorated with a round water tank with illuminated coral. The cafe/bar is motivated by Katou, which is when the night light seems like totally flowered cherry bloom flowers are illuminating it. The menu consists of cherry bloom and matcha beverages and a choice of sweet deals best for the Hanami season.

Delight in a various sort of Hanami experience at Maxwell Aqua Park.

Cherry bloom art developed utilizing sophisticated innovations such as forecast mapping and sensing units, dolphin efficiencies, and fish tank exhibits will be used to show the animals of the sea. Likewise, we dealt with the preparation, production of “SAKURA AQUARIUM Directed BY NAKED,”

An occasion where you can take pleasure in the cherry bloom seeing experience distinct from the fish tank.

Sakura Aquarium Display in Tokyo Includes Penguin Performance and Cherry Blossom Digital Art by Naked.

While absolutely nothing can beat the natural appeal of Japan’s well-known cherry bloom seeing areas, there are likewise lots of less traditional methods to delight in the spring season.

There’s a cherry bloom bar in Tokyo with a petal-filled swimming pool, or for those who take pleasure in digital art, you might desire to make a visit to Shinagawa’s Maxwell Aqua Park.

The fish tank is getting a remarkable seasonal remodeling thanks to digital art cumulative, Naked. Who has utilized their know-how to integrate noise, light, and images with the location’s resident water animals and develop beautiful spring-inspired scenes?

There will be five various methods to delight in the beauties of spring in the fish tank.

Numerous tanks will be taken over by cherry bloom designs and forecasts. The swimming fish might be compared to dancing petals falling from the trees.

There will likewise be a penguin efficiency where the digital artwork, together with the penguins’ motions.

The 3rd method to delight in will be tasted with a restricted time just menu in the fish tank’s coffee shop. Including standard spring Japanese deals with and quite beverages that match the exciting digital art.

Customers can delight in a daytime spring-inspired occasion, a lively and brilliant dolphin efficiency.

The last function of cherry bloom to delight in is ‘night sakura,’ when the trees get lit up after dark. This is represented through a night dolphin efficiency and the beautiful jellyfish space.

Till completion of March, the fish tank’s entryway charge is marked down from 2300 yen to 1840 yen, which is a significant cost.

More info about efficiency times can be discovered on the Aqua Park’s site.

Sign up with a cherry blossom-viewing celebration with the sea animals as the petals dance around you.

Vibrant cherry bloom dance.

Commemorate the coming of spring while enjoying the noise of Japanese musical instruments that communicate a sensation of rapidity.

Invest a little time at an extravagant efficiency, and do not hesitate to participate by dancing and clapping.

Cherry bloom tales.

With flower petals vigorously dancing around you, the calm state of mind weaves a “sea of cherry blooms.”

Sign up with the enjoyment of a cherry blossom-viewing celebration with dolphins in the middle of these fantastical landscapes filled with cherry blooms.

Flower celebration.

Invest a minute with the penguins at their celebration under the cherry trees.

They carry out a touching dance that motivates many flowers to flower.

Cherry bloom tidings.

Touch the cherry blossom-colored wall to see the flowers open.

The dancing fish whisper that spring is coming.

Fluttering cherry bloom.

A cherry tree-lined course showered in petals.

Fish sporting the shades of spring attract you along.

Garden of dancing cherry blooms.

A cherry blossom-viewing celebration where the blooms dance with living animals.

A gorgeous, color-changing Japanese-style garden.

Flower lantern.

Take a break in a seaside teahouse as cherry blooms swirl around you.

Take and unwind in the view of cherry blooms while delighting in tea confectionery.

Jellyfish Ramble.

A big open space of lights and sound where jellyfish rattle on about.

Come for a unique SAKURA AQUARIUM display screen.

SAKURA AQUARIUM Directed BY NAKED (Aqua Park Shinagawa).

A distinct cherry-blossom watching that can be taken pleasure in despite the weather condition.

” SAKURA AQUARIUM Directed BY NAKED” will be held at Aqua Park Shinagawa within Shinagawa Prince Hotel.

An excellent world view with the concept of “cherry-blossom watching” is produced. By merging “Japanese Culture × Digital Art” and “Cherry Blossoms × the Sea World,” home entertainment various from regular cherry-blossom watching will be established.

Preparation, Directing, and Production.

NAKED Inc. is an imaginative business Ryotaro Muramatsu established in 1997 alongside a group of movement-image directors, designers, CG directors, and authors. In current years, NAKED Inc. is understood for overall instructions of areas that integrate innovation, such as forecast mapping with developmental arts, light, and noise.


Entryway charge.

This exhibit can be seen at the rate of entryway to the fish tank.

Online appointments just: Package consisting of office for the dolphin program.

The bundle consists of a reserved seat for you to unwind in a while, taking pleasure in the dolphin program and a complimentary beverage.

* Please finish the appointment procedure by 11:59 PM the day before your chosen program.

Bundle information.

Admission ticket to Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa.

Seat appointment for a daytime dolphin program.

( Select either the 11:30 AM or 2:30 PM program.).


Grownup (consisting of secondary school trainees): 3,300 yen.

Junior and primary high school trainees: 2,200 yen.

Kids (aged four and up): 1,700 yen.


4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku,

Tokyo 108-8611 (Within Shinagawa Prince Hotel).

Tel +81 -3 -5421 -1111 (Audio assistance).

When getting here by train:

A 2-minute walk from Shinagawa Station (Takanawa Exit), available by Shinkansen, JR lines, and Keikyu lines. Fourteen minutes from Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station on the Keikyu Line and 11 minutes from the International Terminal Station. Found merely 2 minutes by foot from Shinagawa Station, access to Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa is incredibly practical.

Night efficiency:

The combination of noise, light, forecast mapping and dolphin action develops a “fantastic sea world where cherry blooms put wonderfully dancing.”.

Time 19:00/ 20:30 (about 15 minutes each).

The dolphins will display dazzling mixes and dives. Viewers can take part in efficiency with a smooth dance.

Time 11:30/ 13:00/ 14:30/ 16:00/ 17:30 (about 15 minutes each).

Unique Penguin Performance.

At the Park Entrance, a unique program that integrates Cape penguin efficiency and forecast mapping will be held.

Time 10:30/ 12:00/ 16:30/ 18:00.

Park Entrance:

Forecast mapping of cherry blooms flowering in full bloom is forecasted on the wall, cherry bloom petals of the image circulation through the feet.

Jellyfish exhibit zone.

In the jellyfish exhibit zone “Jellyfish Ramble” with a width of about 9 meters and a depth of about 35 meters, you can experience “recovery” and “photogenic” world.

Coffee shop and bar.

In the bar area, unusual night cherry blooms are produced.

Limited time beverage menus.

Japanese-style sugary foods and beverages best for “hanami” are offered.


NAKED SAKURA AQUARIUM at Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa.

Address: Shinagawa Prince Hotel, 4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato Ward, Tokyo.

Opening Hours: 10:00 -22:00.

Costs: General (High School Students and Older) ¥ 2,300/ Elementary-Middle School Students ¥ 1,200/ Children (4+ Years) ¥ 700.

※ Business hours go through later unexpectedly without previous notification. Please note that you might not be able to get in through charter sales and so on.

. Entryway charge: Adult (more than high school trainees) 2,200 yen, junior and primary high school trainees 1,200 yen, young children (4 years of age or more) 700 yen.

The entire fish tank will be in spring mode with cherry blooms and pink and blue illuminations drifting around you as you stroll the halls and find remarkable sea animals. Get in a spring-like world never previously as cherry blooms and the ocean come together through digital art.

In the Dancing, Cherry Blossom Garden will be Cape penguins who will put on an efficiency utilizing their physical capabilities. The very first part will see the flower of yaezakura cherry trees. In contrast, the 2nd part will have jacaranda, likewise called the “purple cherry bloom,” an herb that flowers in South Africa where Cape penguins stem.

The cafe/bar is influenced by Katou, which is when the night light feels like it is being lit up by totally flowered cherry bloom flowers.