The Very Best Warung Ever in Ubud, Bali

Image by KwangJin Park

” Warung” in Indonesian means “little family-owned company.” They’re the very best locations to get a budget-friendly and delicious taste of the mouth-watering regional food. Perfect for both full dining and a fast meal experience, Ubud’s very best warung are an outright must-try.

Warung Mendez

Found in the Penestanan village, northwest of Ubud, Warung Mendez is one of the finest regional dining establishments. The food is fantastic, but so is the attention to information and quality of the components. This is as crucial as a gratifying meal.


This is a traditional Indonesian/Balinese buffet where you can make your meal, selecting amongst several delicious choices. The base for all meals is white (Putih) or yellow (Kuning) rice. After that, there’s a healthy option of regional specials, from fried Tempe to veggies and grilled chicken. Fantastic quality for the rate.

You & Mie

Mie implies “noodles” in Bahasa Indonesia, and that’s what You & Mie specialize in. They make their home-made egg noodles and wonton– steamed dumplings– free from preservatives, coloring, and chemicals.

Warung Bintang

A five-minute drive north of downtown Ubud, Warung Bintang is all about freshness: the veggies are chosen from their garden. Perfect for a romantic sundown supper ignoring the emerald green rice field, the warung is likewise ideal for a meal with pals.

Biah Biah

If this is your very first time in Bali or Indonesia, get all your travel friends together and prepare a meal at Biah Biah. The menu is abundant and consists of the signature meals of the regional food.

Warung Mangga Madu

Equated as mango honey, Manga Madu is the warung to check out with a massive group of pals. Their menu is extensive as their dining area. Do attempt the coconut chicken and the nasi pecel, rice with crispy chicken and crackers.

9 Angels

9 Angels are more than a warung: it’s a neighborhood job and area where individuals can come and take pleasure in a lovely meal, see carrying out arts, check out a book, share mindful abilities, and get influenced. It opened its doors in 2013, thanks to Thony and his buddies. The food– all tasty regional vegetarian– is acted as a buffet and restaurants pay with an honor system, leaving a contribution on the table.

PriMa Warung Vegetarian

Prima’s viewpoint is smooth and sweet: one meal, however delightfully made. They serve incredible nasi campur– mix rice– all vegetarian. Perfect for a well-balanced meal surrounded by the Balinese tropical forests.

Warung Pojok

With an adequate dining area, Warong Pojok is perfect for a meal with pals. They serve the very best regional standard meals, with a surge of sauces and spices. A must-try is the tofu nuggets and the black pepper chicken.

Warung Be Pasih Pak Tony

Warung Be Pasih is the place to go if you like seafood and fish. Pak Kony– Mr. Kony– prepares the freshest and delicious Ikan Bakar, grilled fish, and Ayam Bakar, grilled chicken. Combine it up with a lemon iced tea and take pleasure in an excellent regional meal at a terrific cost.

A Few Astounding Local Places to Eat in Ubud Away From Tourists

The first thing that captures your eye in Ubud is how many visitors choose touristy locations over regional, genuine experiences. There are numerous terrific geographical locations to consume in Ubud. However, a lot of visitors still select crowded, touristy, westernized dining establishments.

Throughout all our journeys, we continuously go to regional coffee shops and restaurants. Undoubtedly, from time to time, mainly when we invest months in Asia, we occasionally enjoy western food. In general, we pick home-made regional meals.

Bali, especially Ubud, has numerous terrific regional locations (they are called Warungs). You can get a taste of authentic Balinese food and see how residents experience and live something various.

Permit me to present you to what a genuine Balinese dining establishment is and share the list of a few of the very best locations to consume in Ubud far from travelers. I ought to most likely clarify that they are the very best for me. If you have been to any other Warungs you liked, please, let me understand in remarks.

Of all, let’s describe what warung is

Warung in Indonesia (we likewise saw a couple in Malaysia) is a kind of little family-owned store, dining establishment, or coffee shop. Typically, it is embedded in a front room in a household’s house or the yard. And, for the most part, ladies run the place.

In some cases, Warungs are made from wood, bamboo, bricks, and concrete. They are modest and necessary in their design.

When you hear about warung, keep in mind it’s not your Westernized place. Recently, nevertheless, on the island of Bali and Lombok, some owners include the term warung to the name of their organization to show their Indonesian nature.

A Warung that provides prepared meals usually offers fried noodles (mie goreng), fried rice (nasi goreng), cassava, tempeh, fried tofu (tahu goreng), sweet potato, traditional Indonesian pancake, prepared veggies and more.

You can check out here in higher information what warung is all about if you are interested.

Many of the Warung locations I compose about are situated outside of the city. To get to them, you are required to stroll, ride a bike or get a taxi.

On the one hand, it might appear like a great deal of work. However, you will have an extraordinary experience going to one (or maybe all) of these dining establishments.

Warung d’Carik

Warung d’Carik is found among the roadways, which result in Ubud downtown, surrounded by rice fields, guest houses, and kailyards. It is exceptionally peaceful, however essential, and has delightful meals. You do require to get here by automobile or bike unless you remain in the location and stroll on foot.

The owners, who are the cooks, are kind-hearted individuals who keep their place spick-and-span and look after.

They are generally open throughout the 2nd half of the day, so if you are available in the night, anticipate spectacular sundown.

Raditya Cafe

At the top of the Campuhan Ridge, the famous Karsa health spa and galleries are quite a little Warung, called Raditya Cafe, amongst the stunning landscape. You can fill your energy tank with a mouth-watering breakfast, lunch, treat, or glass of newly made shake.

We liked this place for its serenity, tranquility, credibility, and views. Raditya Cafe is much quieter and more affordable than a nearby overrated health spa coffee shop.

The food was excellent. However, we were coming here primarily for the ambiance and the view.


This Warung place is not truly a Kokolato, however, throughout from it on the other side. It is not on google. However, I am leaving approximate collaborators listed below.

A small wood store lies on the same street as Raditya Cafe, pointed out above, among rice paddies and vacation homes. It is beside the guest houses, resorts, and Karsa medspa.

The menu uses just beverages, fried noodles, and rice; however, the cook is a charming, sweet woman who puts a lot of love into her every meal.

Come for coffee, juices, and to disconnect, there is no wi-fi at this coffee shop. Throughout our very first three weeks in Bali, we were consumed here by lots of events and continuously liked it.

Warung Tepi Sari

Warung Tepi Sari is that kind of a dining establishment where you like returning to.

The place is beyond Ubud. However, the trip deserves your time. We saw some individuals getting to this place by bikes (not motorcycles, however routine bikes) simply to chill, work and delight in the view. Yes, there is wi-fi, and the signal is good enough to finish your laptop computer work.

There is a natural farm in the location, yoga studio, and school that provides cooking classes. (I extremely advise this cooking class, by the way, it’s expertly arranged and tidy.).

When it concerns the menu, Warung Tepi Sari uses not just Indonesian food items. However, sandwiches and pizzas, and they are remarkably excellent. The shake was among the very best I attempted in Ubud. And in the end, I even got a present– a bamboo straw!

Bamboo Spirit.

This place is special and unique, and I wished to include it on my list, although it is not a Warung.

Bamboo Spirit is a recovery center (although it’s in the personal house) that provides everyday early morning yoga, meditation, self-development, and music-related occasions. And just when weekly, on Sunday, from 12 to 3 pm, owners use a buffet with a raw and prepared vegan version of regular Balinese food. The meal is by contribution and based upon concepts of the Balinese approach.

Comfortably situated in Penestanan, in the beginning, the door on your right at the top of Campuhan’s actions, it might turn into one of your preferred locations in Ubud. Bamboo Spirit is a terrific place to satisfy other individuals.

You do not require a car to get here. This house’s ideal place will fit everybody.

Wayan’s Warung.

Outstanding food, extremely sensible costs, and excellent household are why I advise dine and come to Wayan’s Warung. It does not have any fantastic views, situated on the busier street and looks basic. It is close adequate to Ubud center, has wi-fi, and you can quickly stroll here.

Taste of food and an excellent welcome are the factors to pay a visit here.

Padi Kuning Warung Makan.

Padi Kuning Warnung is the only put on the list, which is not in Ubud. We desired to compose it because it is a real gem on the borders of Gianyar village. Kanto Lampo waterfall or Tibumana falls. This is an ideal area to get a meal if you are on the way to Tegenungan waterfall.

The owners are amicable individuals whose food is delicious and served in a yard with the rice paddies’ view. The costs are higher than in some other Warungs. However, the ambiance and food are satisfying.

This coffee shop is open all day so that you can go to lunch, breakfast, or supper.

Perfect for both full dining and a fast meal experience, Ubud’s finest warung is an outright must-try.

Found in the Penestanan village, northwest of Ubud, Warung Mendez is one of the finest regional dining establishments. If you like seafood and fish, Warung Be Pasih is the place to go. When you hear about warung, keep in mind it’s not your Westernized place. Warung d’Carik is found on one of the roadways, which leads to Ubud downtown, surrounded by rice fields, visitor homes, and kailyards.