Where is The Tierra Caliente?

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Some months earlier, through my blog site, I satisfied an Argentinean lady called Lorena, who simply transferred to Colombia and ended up being a routine visitor of my blog site. Among numerous other concerns, she asked me there was one that captured my attention. She needed to know how to get to the place called” Tierra Caliente” (” Summer Land”) that everybody appeared to advise explaining it as a peaceful location.

However, nobody truly understood how to inform her how to arrive. I could not think what I read, and I simply chuckled; however, I realized that this is quite apparent for us Colombians. Still, for an immigrant,” Tierra Caliente” suggests absolutely nothing.

I generally responded, stating that there is no such place as “Tierra Caliente,” is simply that due to Colombia’s position within the Equator. And in the Andes every town or city listed below 1000 meters a.s.l is warm( ish) and for that reason called “Tierra Caliente” by all of us living above that elevation.

Bogota is at 2600 m.a.s.l, so we have a chillier average than lots of areas in the nation, which suggests that, as an example, we do not have an outside pool. So, on weekends, Bogotans is usually the head of the city looking for” Tierra Caliente,” which can quickly be discovered at just a driving hour far from Bogota.

Next time somebody welcomes you to go to Tierra Caliente in Colombia, you understand what to anticipate!

Taking a trip to Colombia, Tierra Caliente

Day 1:

I didn’t stick around to go or see the city to the beach; I went directly out of town in hopes of higher elevation and cooler nights. There are many things up in the air, and I do not understand what the strategy is for Colombia. However, I headed to Cali to satisfy Gabor, who obtained Rubber Duckie (the packraft) paddle over the Darien Gap … two times.

I was riding down on what I later discovered was the Panamerican highway. All traffic was excellent; however, the sound was merely excessive. I rode with earphones blasting, continually watching out for the passing trucks. It makes you question in what frame of mind one requires to be to try to pass under challenging locations.

” which preceded the egg or the chicken,” Colombian edition.

  1. Was the trash there initially, then they set up the check-in?
  2. Was the garbage here, then they cleaned it and installed the indication after that someone tossed more out?
  3. Did they simply install a sign, and after that, all the trash came?
  4. ???

Day 2.

I chose to get it examined, discovering an ATM that works in this town was difficult with two rounds of the four devices … no luck. Nothing was wrong with my bank, so I went to the authorities station to ask. If there is anywhere, I can alter some American dollars; however, we found another ATM on the method. At the healthcare facility, I have moved around somewhat a bit; however, I got the x-ray done. The document states it’s great, but then with indication language, she informs me that I will get an injection in the butt for the swelling.

Day 3.

By now, I am getting worn out and ill of the highway and getting inexpensive hotel spaces, and I can’t stand the heat. In town, I purchase a 6L bag. Yes, 6L plastic bags of water and load the empty container in my knapsack to advise me that I can’t do this once again. Lastly, I get an opportunity to go on a dirt roadway, and as the sun sets, I go to the closest cattle ranch and ask if I might camp.

They informed me that they consume the groundwater; however, it’s not great for me. I ended up drinking some of it, so we will see how that goes. They inform me there is no roadway where I desire to go and that I require to go back to the highway; however, I describe to them that I like the dirt roadways and routes and see that I am a little insane, they concur.

One would lick the salt off my hand, however, back up and bark if I reach to pet her. I was likewise extremely pleased to have a discussion other than “where are you from/where are you going” and asked the concerns.

As I move into my camping tent and listen to the bugs, frogs, and the remote cows.

Day 4.

In the early morning, I got the rundown of this place, milk the cows, feed the chickens, feed the fish, breakfast. We state our goodbyes, and I am off on the dirt roadways, chasing after the milk trucks … err. Setting and hoping a fence up in a pasture will not be so hard; however, you would always be in sight of the roadway or home, so it’s much better to ask simply.

Day 5.

I get up to a bad-tempered pup snoring away and evacuating as quickly as possible to beat the heat. Freddie informs me to return to the highway, “it’s hazardous here.” After some more talking, he tells me there is a roadway to where I wish to go. I question if individuals here do not believe the unclean gringo can deal with riding the rocky roads.

Random authorities checkpoint on a dirt roadway stops me.

” Quanto?” -just how much?

” Quanto, que?” -just how much?

I laugh and an utter couple of words of English. Was he requesting cash? Why? He then asks for my passport, and when I take it out, he leaves, another person takes a look at the middle of it where there is absolutely nothing, and hands it back.

” It’s a traveler,” he states, I take ‘insane’ a compliment but for some factor ‘traveler’ type of anger.

What was that everything about?

It turns out the rear center was not excellent when I struck the pavement. Extremely threatening to crackle and grinding, I rode on questioning if I might be harming this ultimately.

I get to a town in the early morning and over two cookies I wait out the rain in Subway. No one goes into the store for 2 hours, no surprise – Colombian food is inexpensive and tasty. I do not see why any person would pay double or triple for the “american” experience.

After some rain, I discovered the most fantastic food stall. Take this: Fried cheese with butter and more cheese sprayed on top. I am sorry for not riding back to get a lot of those.

At the base of the mountains, a huge climb ahead. Great deals of authorities presenting near the roadway – commemorating the peace and something about “demilitarization.” I sympathize with the people – they need to use all this stuff in this hot heat.

Trucks circulate blind corners. If opposing traffic methods, they slip back into the line, it seems like it has been going on for a while, and downhill traffic is incredibly understanding.

All the time of buzzing and engines and all night, I remain at a roadside motel, $6. Individuals living best beside the roadway need to sustain this all the time; all that is in between is some bricks, wood board, or perhaps merely a piece of plastic …

Kids pass me on BMX bikes and keep the back of trucks; I also get on for a bit. When I can see previously, my hand begins injuring excessively, or we walk around a risky turn. The kids ride down to me and start doing wheelies without stating a word whenever they see me.

I take a day of rest at Yarumal; at 2300m, I feel human once again, and most importantly – I am not beside that highway.

I ride out in the early morning and manage to get a hold of a sluggish truck; excellent shoulder makes sure that I can make it at the expense of perhaps hurting my hand on which I fell much more. If this would require some correct rest at some point, with the pain relievers, they provided me; it has been all right; however, I question. We crest out at 2600m, and I wave at the man, I do not believe he saw me.

Alberto is driving to near Cartagena and passing much of what I’ve ridden over the last week. Both he and the store owner are delighted to talk to me; he hands me a couple of potatoes and the store owner a couple of tomatoes and some sweet fruit.

Regardless of the dreadful state of my breaks, the short time, and the much-required repair work, I choose its finest to hit the dirt.

Nothing versus pavement; it’s merely a lot more serene. A day out there counts as a couple on the tarmac, in my viewpoint.

Remain at:


Calle 3 Bis # 35A – 70 Barrio, San Fernando, Cali, Valle del Cauca

Check out the location nearby:

– Dog Park, 4 minutes walk

– University of Valle Hospital, 10 minutes walk

– Panamericano Park

– Cali (CLO-Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Intl.), 26 minutes drive.

About Cali:

Found in Cali, MI TIERRA CALI HOSTEL remains in the home entertainment district and near the boardwalk. Cali Tower is a significant landmark, and the location’s natural appeal can be seen at Dog Park and Panamericano Park. Take a look at an occasion or a video game at Olympic Stadium Pascual Guerrero. Think about making time for Cane Aquapark, a leading tourist attraction not to be missed out. This hostel also provides seven lodgings with ceiling fans.

What’s close-by:

Canine Park – 4 minutes walk.

University of Valle Hospital – 10 minutes walk.

Panamericano Park – 10 minutes walk.

Olympic Stadium Pascual Guerrero – 11 minutes walk.

Medical Center Imbanaco Tower A – 19 minutes walk.


Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Intl. Airport (CLO) – 26 minutes drive.


Hostel with totally free parking, near Dog Park.

Along with a medspa tub, this hostel has a microwave in a 24-hour front and a typical location desk. Free WiFi in public locations and free self-parking are likewise offered. Four terraces, patio areas or restrooms, and ceiling fans are amongst the other features readily available to visitors.

MI TIERRA CALI HOSTEL provides seven lodgings with ceiling fans. It supplies complimentary wireless Internet gain access to, the restrooms consist of showers.

Leisure features at the hostel consist of a day spa tub.

Home is also called:

– Hostal Mi Tierra Hostel Cali.

– Hostal Mi Tierra Hostel.



– Hostel/Backpacker lodging MI TIERRA CALI HOSTEL Cali.

– Cali MI TIERRA CALI HOSTEL Hostel/Backpacker lodging.

– Hostel/Backpacker lodging MI TIERRA CALI HOSTEL.


– Hostal Mi Tierra.


– MI TIERRA CALI HOSTEL Hostel/Backpacker lodging.

– MI TIERRA CALI HOSTEL Hostel/Backpacker lodging Cali.


What’s around:

Cali Tower – 2.5 mi/ 4 km.

Walking cane Aquapark – 4.1 mi/ 6.6 km.

Hostal Mi Tierra:

Calle 3 Bis # 35a- 70 Barrio San Fernando, Cali 760045 Colombia.

Hostal Mi Tierra situated in the standard San Fernando community of Cali 2 blocks from the Parque del Perro, we provide several and personal spaces, typical locations such as a balcony, TELEVISION space, cooking area with fridge and oven, dining location, terrace with solarium, whirlpool and jacuzzi, traveler details, salsa and yoga classes, picnic nights at the park, situated near dining establishments, bars, grocery stores, arena, Pan-American courts, university, healthcare facility, outstanding weather condition, and the very best service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hostal Mi Tierra.

– Which popular destinations are close to Hostal Mi Tierra?

Neighboring destinations consist of Parque del Perro (0.2 miles), Tin Deo (0.5 miles), and Estadio Olímpico Pascual Guerrero de Cali (0.6 miles).

– What are a few of the home features at Hostal Mi Tierra?

A few of the more popular features used to consist of totally free WiFi, a jacuzzi, and laundry service.

– What are food & beverage alternatives readily available at Hostal Mi Tierra?

Visitors can take pleasure in bbq centers throughout their stay.

– Is parking offered at Hostal Mi Tierra?

Yes, parking is readily available to visitors.

– What are some dining establishments near to Hostal Mi Tierra?

Comfortably situated dining establishments consist of La Comitiva, Primos, and El Arca de Pascual.

– Are there any archaeological sites near Hostal Mi Tierra?

Numerous tourists delight in going to Hacienda Cañasgordas (3.1 miles), Casa Arzobispal (3.7 miles), and Templo de la Virgen de La Inmaculada (1.4 miles).

Among numerous other concerns she asked me, there was one that captured my attention; she desired to understand how to get to the place called” Tierra Caliente” (” Summer Land”). Everybody appeared to suggest explaining it as a peaceful location. However, no one understood how to inform her how to get there. I could not think what I was checking out, and I simply chuckled, however then I realized. For us Colombians, this is quite apparent, however for an immigrant,” Tierra Caliente” suggests absolutely nothing.