Exploring 4 Famous Museums in the World without Leaving Home: A Virtual Tour

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The earth has pushed its pause button to take some rest from human activities due to the pandemic of COVID-19. As the virus is going global, millions of people are forced to do their activity from home to practice social distancing. Even tons of bars, restaurants, hotels, museums, and schools are closed to stop the spreading of the virus.

Since human activities are being limited, many sectors of the business have to face some crisis, especially in tourism. But, the people behind the travel business do not run out of the idea to keep the business running.

Using innovation and technology, they set a new trend by making a virtual tour. You do not need to leave your couch to explore the beauty of the universe. Is that free? Yes, some of them are free to access online through their official website.

But, some companies even offer a high-technology experience like VR (Virtual Reality) to give superior service to the customer. You don’t need to prepare any special equipment such as paying the ticket for the virtual travel tour. You only need to prepare your gadget and your time. And welcome to the new world!

In this chance, we will bring you a list of museums to visit during this pandemic. Keep scrolling down till the end!

1. The Louvre

The Louvre is one of the famous museums in the world. This museum is located in Paris. During this pandemic, The Louvre has invited you to explore their collection through your own gadget. Do not even miss this chance, because it may not come twice in your lifetime.

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Once you entered their official website, you will be guided to select one of the presentations out of the museum’s exhibition rooms and galleries. You will be redirected to the virtual tour of the room. You can follow the arrow to move through a different area.

2. Rijksmuseum

Do you have a wish to explore the collection of the art and history of Amsterdam in the Rijksmuseum? If yes, this pandemic will give you a rare opportunity to explore Rijksmuseum freely without any ticket plane and hotel booking. You only need to prepare your gadget and connect it to the internet.

Image by Werk aan de Muur from Pinterest

First thing first, you have to access the museum’s official website and you can walk through the museum to see all of the masterpieces. Not only that, but you can also hear the audio explanation about every collection. Rijksmuseum can be the best option for your self-quarantine days!

3. The Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums is home for the world’s most important Roman sculpture and Renaissance period art. With an amazing quality of the virtual tour, you will be pleasantly welcomed to explore every part of the museum such as the Pio Clementino Museum, Sistine Chapel, the Room of the Chiaroscuri, Raphael’s Rooms, and many more. You will not miss this rare opportunity, right?

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4. The Smithsonian Museum

Located in Washington, D.C, The Smithsonian Museum has the world’s largest natural history collection in the world. Through its official website, you can explore every inch of the museum.

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The map which exists on the upper right corner will help you navigate the different parts of the museum. This museum should be at the top of the list you need to visit virtually if you want to see fossils, butterfly, dinosaur bones, and many more.